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Because we use an extensive network of over 35 distribution centers, we ship most items from the closest warehouse to your order destination.  This reduces the environmental impact associated with shipping products over long distances and ensures that you will receive your products in a timely manner.


Real Time Stock Check

In order for us to serve you, if you are not signed in to you will be asked for your zip code when you first place an item in your shopping cart.  This information is used for a Real Time Stock Check to determine the availability of your desired product.  During the rare instance when your item is not in stock, please choose an alternate product or contact a member of our customer service team online or at 800.909.9750 to find out when the item will be restocked.


Special Circumstances

For certain specialty items (such as specialty furniture), stock checks are not applicable and/or conducted.  These products may take longer to ship due to certain considerations including, but not limited to: products specially made after order placement, product procurement practices of certain specialty suppliers, batch production and/or delivery requirements for some products.  We attemt to make sure that all products with special shipping requirements are noted as such in the product’s description.