The official meaning of a breakroom is an area that employees can use during a break from work. This break can be used to relax, socialise or eat. The most important thing about a breakroom is that it is a separate room from the workspace. 

In order to create the best possible break room, we have put together some inspiration for you.

A touch of color

Most office spaces are simple with little color or atmosphere. To create a cozy feeling in the break room we recommend using a touch of color. You can easily add color by using furniture or accessories.

By choosing a colorful chair, you create an ambiance without making the rest of the room feel overwhelmed.

Atmospheric round tables

The welcoming in the breakroom can be achieved with round furniture. Round shapes have a soft look and are inviting. 

Round or oval tables can seat more colleagues than a straight table. This is space-saving, which can make the breakroom appear more spacious.

A comfortable sofa

When you get home, one of the first things you probably do is lie or sit down on the couch.

You can easily add this relaxed feeling to a breakroom as well. Add a nice couch, preferably with a side table. This way you can not only relax, but it also makes it possible to have a call on the couch. A little comfort is rarely a bad thing!

Long tables and striking lamps

If the breakroom is large, it is nice to choose a long table. A long table allows several colleagues to sit at the table without being bothered by each other.

To accentuate the length and space of the room, the use of beautiful larger lights is recommended. Especially if the lights are quite long this accentuates the height.

A relaxing game element

What can be better in a breakroom than actually being able to relax? In a breakroom, an element of fun and games is essential. For example, a ping-pong table, a chess or dart board. Or opt for a game element outside on the balcony or roof terrace.