An efficient workspace is suitable for all types of workers. From a office manager and creative manager to a developer and accountant. With all these different activities, you need to make sure that peace can be maintained.

An efficient set-up

To maintain calm in an office garden, rhythm and openness are important. Don’t place rows full of desks. Make sure the desks are set up as islands. This makes the view for employees much calmer.

To make things even finer, you can divide the “islands” by activities. All developers and creatives together.

Provide different areas

The office garden is obviously convenient and therefore standard. But don’t forget to create separate spaces as well.

We recommend opting for areas with glass work. This way you keep the office light and airy.

Opt for a train cell

A fun and efficient way for short meetings is the “train cell. The comfortable sofas make the step up after a short meeting very small.

Add coziness

Most offices are very starry with white walls. But why, really? A homely closet full of mementos and accessories will provide much more inspiration.

You can place an open cabinet like this in the workspace as a kind of room divider.

Place a comfortable sofa

You can easily add a relaxed feel to both a work space and a breakroom. Add a nice couch, preferably with a side table. This way you can not only relax, but it also makes it possible to have a call or meeting with a co-worker. A little comfort is rarely a bad thing!