The Greening Guide

May 2017

Eco Fashion in the Workplace: Doing Good Never Looked So Good

Clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and work appropriate shouldn’t mean you have to compromise your commitment to being green. Fortunately, more and more clothing companies and designers are taking up the challenge. We review four ethical brands, what they offer, and how you can shop for your next work outfit that is easy on your wallet and the planet.

Alex Yin Wants to Give Your Old Computer a New Life

Old monitors, printers, keyboards, motherboards, you name it – 16-year-old Alex Lin has recycled it. Learn how this young community organizer tackled the growing problem of electronics waste from his humble hometown beginnings to the state legislature and across the globe.

Let's Ride!

May is National Bike Month. All across the country cyclists of all levels are gearing up for National Bike-to-Work Day and the many festivities the annual awareness day brings. We pedal you through the history, what it means for the environment, and how you can be a part of the national movement.

Cold Brew or Lemonade? Your Guide to the Best Cup For Your Favorite Warm Weather Drink

With summer on the horizon, you may be gearing up to celebrate your favorite grad's big day or simply enjoying an outdoor get together with your colleagues. No matter what brings you to enjoy the outdoor weather, make it a greener occasion with the best cold beverage cups that are easy on the planet and your budget. We walk you through when to go with reusable, compostable, or recyclable and offer our best cup recommendations for your office.