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The Best Offsets in the Business

Carbon offsetting is the third step in office greening after resource conservation and sustainable purchasing.  We make it easy and cost effective to go carbon neutral by offering a free, state-of-the-art Office Footprint Calculator™ and third-party certified, competitively priced Green Office Offsets.™

Green Office Offsets™ mix renewable energy credits from the US with emission reduction credits from developing countries in proportion to your electricity and non-electricity related emissions respectively.  We go beyond business as usual by sourcing credits from projects that contirbute to local community and economic development and result in zero collateral damages to the environment.  In short, going carbon neutral with puts your investment to work on the highest quality climate mitigation efforts underway in the world today.


Calculate & Offset Your Footprint

The Office Footprint Calculator™ considers your energy use, waste stream, and purchasing patterns to measure both the resources required to support your activities (measured in Global Acres) and the greenhouse gas emissions that result (measured in CO2).  The use of exact figures is encouraged, but the option to input averages is provided.

Calculate Footprint

Understand this important assessment tool, how it was developed and how you can use it to find easy, cost effective resources for improvement.
Learn about the underlying principles of carbon offsetting and why it is an effective, concrete way to combat global climate change.
Get the in-depth look at what it means to go carbon neutral through investment in a portfolio of emission reduction and renewable energy credits.
Read about the real-world renewable energy and emission reduction projects behind Green Office Offsets™.
Learn about our internationally recognized standards of effective climate change mitigation and what’s behind our claim of carbon neutrality.
Get an overview of the complex set of geophysical, chemical, and ecological processes that result in an overall warming of Earth’s surface and atmosphere.