Power Source(s)
Display Notation
Number of Display Digits
Display Characters x Display Lines
Display Type(s)
Display Angle
Display Characters Height
Percent Key(s)
Fraction Calculations
Fraction/Decimal Conversions
Decimal Function
+/- Switch Key
Currency Exchange Function
Metric Conversion
Backspace Key
Double Zero Key
Base Number Calculations
Bond Calculations
Cash Flow Calculations
Complex Number Calculations
Confidence Interval Calculating
Date Calculations
Depreciation Calculations
Entry Logic
Equation Editor
Grand Total Key
Hyperbolic Functions
Hypothesis Testing
Interest Rate Conversion
Item Count Function
Linear Regression
Loan Calculation
Logical (Boolean) Operations
Markup/Down Key
Percent Add-On/Discount
Polar-Rectangular Conversion
Print Color(s)
Print Speed (Lines per Second)
Probability (Random Number)
Ribbon/Roller Printer
Simultaneous Equations
Square Root Key
Tax Calculation
Trig/Log Functions
Variable Regression
Variable Statistics
Replacement Ribbon/Roller
Replacement Roll Paper

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CS-4194H Two-Color Printing Calculator, Black/Red Print, 4.8 Lines/Sec

Manufacturer: Sharp®

Item Number: SHRCS4194H

  • Large, easy-to-read blue fluorescent display.
  • Cylindrical step-sculptured keys designed for fast and comfortable operation.
  • Tax keys for calculations from stored tax rate memory.


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