The Green Screen™

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The Green Screen™ makes it easy and cost effective for you to make choices that are in line with your Green business values. We rely on nonprofit, government, green business, and academic experts to evaluate each of our nearly 40,000 products according to key indicators of social and environmental responsibility—like recycled content, compostability, chemical reduction, and 3rd party certifications—and put this information at your fingertips. is the only company that automatically ranks office products by Greenness (Dark Green, Green, or Conventional) and provides you with at-a-glance tools to make informed decisions about the products that you bring into your office.

We automatically rank browsing and search results by Greenness, giving you the most sustainable options first. We have done extensive research and product evaluations to determine if a product is Dark Green, Green, or Conventional to give you the freedom to compare products and the confidence to shop quickly to balance sustainability, quality, and cost.

Dark Green

In addition to meeting one or more of our criteria for sustainability, Dark Green products are at the forefront of sustainability, challenging the conventional market in interesting and pioneering ways. These products have generally not been adopted by larger corporations, so we deal directly with the manufacturers or wholesalers to not only distribute them, but also to find more cost-effective ways to develop these products to promote adoption by the mainstream.


Green products meet one or more of our criteria for sustainability and are generally widely adopted by the mainstream. Making a transition to Green products is an earnest step towards sustainability in the workplace. By choosing Green alternatives whenever possible, we’re showing manufacturers that there is a real demand for positive change.


Conventional products are products that meet none of our criteria for sustainability. While our vision is to offer a full line of sustainably-designed, high-quality office products, many consumers still find it virtually impossible to avoid using some conventional products. Instead of forcing well-intentioned consumers to shop in two or more locations we offer a convenient selection of ‘conventional’ necessities.