Printing Tips

Expert Advice -

Here are a few tips on how to reduce your use of paper and print resources in the workplace. Feel free to print out this page, just make sure it's on recycled paper!  Post it in your office as a reminder for everyone to print eco-friendly.

1. To Print or Not To Print. Decide if you actually need to print that 1000-page document. Could you use a soft (or electronic) copy?

2. Share. Does everyone in the room need a copy? They might. Or they might not. For presentations, decide if sharing is an option.

3. Double Up. Reduce number of pages printed by printing on both sides or printing multiple pages to one page.

4. No Brainer. Print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

5. Draft First.  You can usually change the printer settings to print on “Draft” or “Fast” mode, which uses less ink. Use this mode for all jobs that do not need to be “Final.”

6. Keep it Black & White. If you are printing draft versions of a color document, consider printing only in black and white to save on color ink.

7. Go Vegetarian. Consider using soy based ink – currently, this is only available through 3rd party printers

8. Reduce. Consider using software such as GreenPrint to minimize the paper used by each print job.

9. Reuse. Look for the 'Remanufactured' label when shopping for ink cartridges.

10. Recycle. Always recycle your ink cartridges.  You can find locations to recycle cartridges at