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Green Office Offsets™ allow customers of to go carbon neutral through investment in a portfolio of emission reduction and renewable energy credits. Emission reduction credits offset your non-electricity related emissions while renewable energy credits avoid emissions related to the use of power from your local utility. The real-world projects that compose our Offsets are supplied by ClimateCare and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, wholesalers of the highest quality credits in their respective fields.

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Green Office Offsets™ offer numerous verified benefits not only with regard to climate change mitigation, but also for local communities and ecosystems. Overall, our Offsets:

  • Allow organizations to make an unassailable claim of carbon neutrality based on investments in third-party certified emission reduction credits that meet the highest standards for additionality and renewable energy credits from socially and ecologically friendly projects
  • Represent projects supplied by organizations with certification from the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), the CDM Gold Standard, and the Green-e Climate Certification Program
  • Neutralize your unique carbon footprint based on our state-of-the-art Office Footprint Calculator™
  • Support the growth of domestic and international clean, renewable energy projects as well as international energy efficiency projects
  • Contribute to sustainable community development through support of projects that create jobs, transfer technological know-how, honor local cultures, mitigate air and water pollution, protect wildlife habitat, and provide case studies for future initiatives

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Green Office Offsets™ are composed of a mix of carbon offsets supplied by ClimateCare and renewable energy credits supplied by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). ClimateCare Carbon Offsets represent the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide. BEF renewable energy credits represent 1,000 kWh of clean, renewable energy. Once you have measured your carbon liability using the Office Footprint Calculator™, we formulate a Green Office Offset™ with the exact mix of ClimateCare Carbon Offsets and BEF renewable energy credits needed to neutralize your non-electricity and electricity related carbon emissions respectively.

Emission Reduction Credits

Source: ClimateCare, a supplier of Clean Development Mechanism & Gold Standard Carbon Offsets

Neutralizing emissions from activities such as transportation, waste, and procurement require the purchase of credits that meet standards established under the Kyoto Protocol. This ensures your investment goes to projects that are additional to those that would otherwise occur.

Renewable Energy Credits

Source: Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a supplier of Green-e Climate Certified renewable energy credits

When coupled with the purchase of conventional electricity, renewable energy credits effectively make your energy use emission-free. Technically speaking, instead of offsetting electricity related emissions, you simply avoid them with the use of green energy.

Communicating Carbon Neutrality

Green Office Offsets™ come with a series of materials designed to help you spread the word about your commitment to carbon neutrality, including: (1) a Certificate of Carbon Neutralization, (2) free publication of your Certificate in our online Carbon Neutralization Record (optional), and (3) a “Carbon Neutral” icon for online and print marketing.

1. Certificate of Carbon Neutralization

Your unique Certificate of Carbon Neutralization is delivered as a PDF, allowing your organization to publish it online or print it for display in your storefront or workplace. Each Certificate issued by has a unique serial number and documents the name of your organization, the number of Green Office Offsets™ purchased, the total tons neutralized, the mix of non-electricity versus electricity related emissions neutralized, and the period for which you will claim carbon neutralization for the specified tons.

2. Publication in Carbon Neutralization Record

To instill public confidence in your claim of carbon neutrality, provides the option to publish the details of your Certification of Carbon Neutralization in our online Carbon Neutralization Record. We provide a secure link that can be used from your own content or from our Carbon Neutral icon (see below) to your unique page in our record, which appears as a small window above your own site, ensuring no lost traffic.

3. “Carbon Neutral” Icon

Communicating your carbon neutral status can also be achieved through use of’s Carbon Neutral icon. You may choose to link the icon to a page within your website describing your commitment to emission reductions, to the PDF version of your Certificate of Carbon Neutralization, or to the Carbon Neutralization Record hosted by

Period of Offsetting

The results of the Office Footprint Calculator™ represent your annual carbon emissions. Your Certificate of Carbon Neutralization will therefore authorize a claim of carbon neutrality good for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Though not as common, other possibilities exist, such as making a claim of carbon neutrality good for multiple years (for customers interested in volume price breaks) and making a claim good for the remainder of the current calendar year. If you would like to offset emissions for a period other than one year, please email or call us at 800.909.9750.

Pricing & Payment adds value to your emission reduction effort through assistance in emissions calculation, the sourcing of top-quality emission reduction and renewable energy credits, verification of retirement, and the marketing of your carbon neutral initiative. Green Office Offsets™ can be purchased in units equal to 0.10 tons. The current retail price of one ton of Green Office Offsets™ is $25.00. This price is subject to change based on market fluctuations. Volume price breaks are available for larger organizations, generally those with 50+ employees, and/or those who wish to offset for two or more years. Payment can be made by credit card, check, or money order and is due at the time of purchase. If you are a larger organization and would like to arrange quarterly billing, please inquire by email or call 800.909.9750.

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