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Going Beyond Green Stock Supplies

Strong green purchasing policies go beyond stock office supplies to include branded and custom products that meet high environmental and social standards.  In our ongoing effort to connect you with office greening solutions that deliver value on top of values, has partnered with Green Vision, the leading people-and-planet-friendly provider of branded presentation, packaging, printing, and promotional items.  They offer:


Documents & Collateral

•    Bound or Stitched Documents
•    Sheet Collateral & Literature
•    Brochures & Newsletters
•    Annual Reports & CSR Reports
•    Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes
•    CD and DVD Printing & Replication
•    Targeted Direct Mail


Presentation & Packaging

•    Document Covers
•    Loose Leaf Binders
•    Index Tabs
•    Pocket Folders
•    Multi-Media Packaging
•    Customized Kits & Boxes
•    Specialty Packaging
•    Secondary Packaging


Advertising Specialties & Promotional Items

•    Tradeshow Premiums
•    Bags & Kits
•    Client & Employees Gifts
•    Incentives


Fulfillment & Kitting

Green Vision gladly prepares the entire package for one-stop service.  We will fulfill mechanically bound documents, collate in index tabs, nest printed material within loose leaf products, create CDs and DVDs within appropriate multi-media packaging, and more.  We’ll go further and kit multiple projects in secondary packaging for trade shows, sales meetings, product launches –  really just about whatever your event or project requires.


Contact Information

To learn more about how Green Vision can extend your sustainable purchasing program beyond stock office supplies, call or click below.